Sunday, June 8, 2008

My first Zimmermann

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Do any of you recognize that hat on my head? It's Elizabeth Zimmermann's Maltese Fisherman Hat, from the book Knitting Almanac. I love the shape of the hat, it reminds me of medieval times and chain mail armour and fair ladies and whatnot. Although I doubt that's what the Maltese had in mind when the original was designed. Anyhow, this was my first ever EZ project and I love it! This was knit a few months ago, while we still had winter in Ithaca and holding a little bit of wool on your lap didn't cause near-fatal complications due to overheating as it would now.

The yarn is a heavy worsted weight something I bought a long time ago at the Ithaca Farmer's Market. It's really "raw" in a good sense; you can sort of feel the sheep's presence as you're handling the yarn. I like that :) I bought one skein (made immortal in a previous post about center-pull hand-wound skein) and I have just about half of it left! I still don't know what to do with it, maybe another hat??

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One of my favorite things about this hat is the neck shaping. It's so nice to have the back of the hat hug your neck like this one does, especially since I HATE getting cold gusts down my back in the winter. There's just something about this hat that I absolutely love. And it's dirt quick to make, too. This one took me about 2 nights and that included deciphering the instructions as well and the knitting and finishing.

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Now I'm totally enamoured of EZ's designs and general attitude about knitting and life in general. I already knit a copy of her Baby Surprise Jacket but I'm not blogging about it until the recipient has received it! I'm also planning on knitting two of her Tomten jackets this summer, for my niece and nephew. For last Christmas I knit each of them a scarf and I still have lots of leftover yarn from that operation which I plan to incorporate into their Tomtens, so that they may all match up and look fabulous!

Speaking of fabulous, isn't that knitted fabric in the hat just amazing? *sigh*

One thing I'm NOT impressed with is the "blog this picture" feature in Flickr. Or how blogger handles it. I can't get these pics from Flickr to look good within the text *darn* Any tips or suggestions??


Octopus Knits said...

Very cute hat, and I agree, the yarn looks like wonderful stuff!

P.S. Thanks for your comments on my Serpentine Sweater! Your tips for tension in stranded colorwork are right on target. I think I was spreading the stitches on the right needle too far apart AND making a very relaxed stranded float behind those spread stitches. Most of the extra length was in my contrast color, so I was able to improve things significantly by moving that extra length stitch by stitch to the edges.... hopefully I will be able to forego that exercise in the future :)

Rebecca said...

I go to flickr and view the image and right click and choose "copy image location", then I paste it into my blog entry within HTML IMG tags. Not sure if you know HTML or not... but this way you can control where the image goes.

The hat is really fun. It must be so nice to have a farmer's market where you can get yarn near you!

Herdis said...

octupus, thanks! I'm glad the tension tips were relevant :)

Rebecca, good point. I'll try this next time. I've been using the "blog this" feature and it seems to work ok for placing the pics on the right hand side of the page, but not for the left side (???). It's also cumbersome since it allows only one photo in each post (WTF???). So, I'll definitely try your suggestion in my next post :)