Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ravelry Science

Overdue update, 10/06/07:
Just as predicted by my graph I got my ravelry invite in the second week in September. On September 11, to be precise :)

Original post:
Just to show you (hmmmm... who might that be??) that I do indeed do science along with all the knitting:

Yes, for a little while now I have laboriously jotted down in my Excel spreadsheet where I am in line for accessing the much-talked about ravelry.com phenomenon. Is that too nerdy?? ;) As you can tell from my little trendline, I can expect my invitation around the second week in September!! That means 2.5 months on the waiting list... and there are over 13 thousand people behind me in line. Amazing.

On a side note, I admire the linearity of this. They really are sending out the same number of invites, on average, every day and have been doing so for the time I've had my little experiment rolling. They're not matching, though, the number of people who add themselves to the list, so it's tail just gets longer and longer...


Birgitte said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

And hey, I like this graph! I can see from your blogs that you're into science, and since I am too, I'm really fond of seeing my 2 major interests combined: science and knitting! :D Still, I haven't quite figured out how you made this graph - and even worse: I do not remember when I signed up at Ravelry's waiting list...

I scrolled through your blogs today - I think I'll start reading it regularly :)

Happy knitting and waiting for Ravelry

Herdis said...

Hi Birgitte, good to see you here :) Making this graph was pretty easy; every day I go to the Ravelry antsy page http://www.ravelry.com/antsy, and check my place in line (how many people are ahead of me). Simple as pie! You should check the page out, it's quite addictive :)

And thanks for your nice words about my blogs! I hope to see you there again :)

Birgitte said...

Aaah - I didn't know that site! There are 2935 people ahead of me in the line - oh my! :D I'll start tracking that number ;)

Suni said...

This is really interesting :D so if i signed up on october 20th and there are 6141 in front and 6197 in back...when would i expect my invitation?