Thursday, August 9, 2007

Yarn in!

Ok, so now you know where to find me tonight: At home, swatching the sunflower yellow cotton yarn I got for the Roundabout Leaf Tank. A post on someone's blog (might have been the Knitting Nature KAL) mentioned that the tank doesn't look so great when knit in cylindrical yarn... so I want to check asap whether the Knitpicks yarn works or if I have to get tape yarn instead. Wish me luck!!


Rosina said...

A new knitting blog - how fun!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It is so funny that I live in Washington state, but I was just in Ithaca NY on the 7th! (Checked out the Homespun Boutique near the commons BTW - very nice).
Hope your swatching goes well. I'm still learning to think of the swatching and enjoy it as part of the project. I'm just impatient I guess.

Herdis said...

Hi Rosina, thanks for checking in on me :) The swatching went well enough that I decided to stick with the yarn. I'm past the second leaf by now and loving it :)