Monday, September 24, 2007

Yarn for an upcoming project

Last night I frogged a sweater I've had on the needles for two and a half years... I love the pattern and the yarn but somewhere along there I made a mistake and it was all out of whack and I figured that since I haven't made a repair attempt yet I won't ever.

So, this will be used for a Cobblestone sweater for my boyfriend. That's only fitting, since he actually chose this yarn with me :)


Sarah said...

a boyfriend sweater? be careful herdis! you know the curse right? :)

Herdis said...

erm... no. It seems to be something big, though, because I read about it everywhere, but I really have no idea what the curse is.

Btw, turns out he doesn't like the style at all. So, no sweater for him for the time being :)

A.R.M. said...

I want to make a Scottish fisherman sweater - too big a project ya think, I mean, I'm not done w/ my scarf yet, hehehe.

Herdis - I wanna see a pic of the lil baby cardigan.

Herdis said...

Ok, Ali, I'll post one as soon as it is done! See, I haven't worked on the cardigan at all since I posted about it, I just got sick and tired of it. I think I'm over that now... I better be because that little one is just about to show up :)

So, how's the scarf coming along? You'll ace that sweater, I know :)