Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cobblestone abandoned, phyllo update

Before I ever got so far as to testing out how the dreaded boyfriend sweater curse works, I lost the opportunity to do so. My dearest boyfriend took a closer look at the pattern and decided it was not for him.

In my innermost heart of hearts, I'm glad. Because it means that I now have a whole sweater worth of time to knit... you guessed it... for myself!!! I'm thinking of using the yarn for Norah Gaughan's tilted duster from the fall Interweave Knits. Another project I might want to make from it is a textured long cardigan from the Vogue Knitting 25th anniversary issue. That cardigan is shown in light brown-gray in the magazine and I think that the dark charcoal of my wool won't show off the texture well enough. Yep, I think I'll end up using it for the tilted duster.

The phyllo scarf is going well, I'm some 31" into it now. The one inch after the first 30 is very significant, because if it weren't there, I'd only be halfway done. Now, I'm MORE than halfway done. That sounds way better.

However, all this rather monotone knitting on the phyllo scarf is getting kind of boring. The pattern is funny in that it's simple enough that you don't have to pay a whole lot of attention, but complicated enough that you have to pay some. Often I forget the latter part of the previous sentence and pay no attention at all while knitting. Afterwards I almost always have to frog a couple of rows. My guess is that once the scarf is done I'll have knit the equivalent of almost two scarves. Now that's a lot of knitting!


A.R.M. said...

speaking of scarves..I found a pattern for a 10ft Icelandic scarf. I'm going to be making it for Michael. I just don't know the pattern well enough, I'll be utilizing the new teacher. Sad I can't have you show me, but I don't think Michael will approve of a trip to TX JUST for that, LOL.

Herdis said...

Well, does he have to approve?? ;) You know, in Iceland we have something called a housewife vacation, it is much utilized by my friends when they want to go for a weekend with the girls to London or something like that. "Oh shut up, Joe, I'm taking my housewife vacation" :)

A 10ft scarf??!!?! Wow. That's courage, woman!

A.R.M. said...

well, I've purchased the first two rolls of yarn for the 10 footer. I finished Conor's little scarf. It's cute.
I think I'll take a housewife vacation when he's done defending :)

Herdis said...

Is there a photo of Conor wearing his new scarf? I'd love to see it :)