Sunday, October 14, 2007

Droplets on a hat

Being the Norah Gaughan fan that I am, the time had to come that I knitted the Droplet Hat from her ÜBER-fantastic book Knitting Nature. The hat is intended as a Christmas gift for someone who might poke a nose in here... but what the heck, I'll put the picture in here anyway:

This was an almost embarrassingly quick knit, it took me ~8 hours, from start to finish. Isn't it lovely?!?

I have a skein in a beautiful green color from which I plan to knit one for myself. For the pink one I used the needle sizes recommended in the book but for mine I plan to go down a needle size or two. Apparently my gauge is very loose and the hat as is is roomy enough on me that the leaves aren't really stretched enough. Fortunately the recipient has a bigger head than I do :)

But this issue of gauge is really getting to me. I've been swatching for the Tilted Duster in the fall '07 Interweave Knits, and I can't get gauge unless going 2 whole millimeters down in needle size. That's four US sizes! Bizarre.


Birgitte said...

Hey! That hat looks cool!
I like it much better when the leaves are not stretched - but they probably will on my giant head :)
I'll have to knit it, though, now that I have seen how cool it can turn out! :)

Herdis said...

Thanks! Interesting point, maybe it isn't that bad that the leaves don't stretch that much. And the fit is actually really comfy. I definitely recommend it, if only for the instant gratification-factor :)