Sunday, October 14, 2007

Scarf update

I've made significant progress on the phyllotaxis scarf over the past two weeks. I'm three skeins and a whooping 48 inches (!!) (that's almost from the floor to my chest!) into it now and I plan to add one more skein before calling it a day (or a month, as it were).

By now, you do deserve some pictures:

The first one shows my very elaborate marker system. I kept losing track of the pattern, simple as it looks, and had to repeatedly rip out a few rows to get back on track. A major problem after ripping out was to find the beginning of the row, since those move one stitch to the left for every two rows knit. The markers help me keep track of the beginning of rows, and they help me not to get lost if I have to rip out a few rows. Total genius, if I may say so myself ;) They work pretty much like a running belay (for those of you into climbers' parlance); as I start a new row I pull out the bottom marker and use it to mark the new row, and if I make a mistake I have markers to show me the position of the beginning of the last 14 rows!

This little photo shoot took place in the garden of my temporary TX home. My TX housemate Rosie (as seen in this post on my regular blog) has had friends for an extended sleepover during this week, namely Bella and Cricket. Bella is a Chihuahua with a massive personality and a curiosity worthy of killing every cat in sight. She got very interested in the scarf and especially the needles:

Of course, she had to lick them:

And as if that weren't enough, she rolled over on the scarf and pissed on it! What a dog!

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