Saturday, October 27, 2007

Too much English knitting

You know you're spending too much time knitting in English when your answer to both the questions below is "yes"

a) since you're Icelandic, you usually soliloquize* in Icelandic
b) you call yarn "jadn"** when doing a)

Time to take a refresher course in Icelandic, huh?

*I know, it's a funny word. Blame it on my late English teacher, who was extraordinarily fond of words
*P.S. Yes, I like to talk to myself. A lot. A friend once passed me where I was walking down the main shopping street in Reykjavik and didn't get a chance to greet me for I was too engaged in conversation with myself. Scary, huh?
**The Icelandic word for "yarn" is "garn". Not too far off, but still!

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